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2795 Overrunning Gear Clutch

2795 Overrunning Gear Clutch, Ribbonmasters Hot Stamping

2795 Overrunning Gear Clutch

The Tiny-Clutch 2795 Overrunning Gear Clutch is a miniature roller and cam type one-way clutch from our D-Series line of clutches. The D-Series clutches are most frequently used to allow a driven member to overrun the input, or for backstopping a load, they can also function to convert oscillating motion to rotary motion. These clutches use our proven cam and roller principle for long life with trouble free performance. The cam, housing and rollers are made of hardened steel and each roller is energized by a spring which is held square and centered in a drilled pocket. The design of the clutch allows for near zero backlash as well as high free-wheeling speeds. The clutch will not jam in the free direction.

The Tiny-Clutch 2795 Overrunning Gear Clutch is based off of our D125 Roller Clutch and features a 16 tooth, 16 pitch, 14.5 pressure angle gear. This clutch has a inch (12.7mm) bore, the cam is pinned to your shaft, and power may be applied to the clutch through either the gear or the cam. This clutch is Left hand drive and is the original equipment clutch in Ribbonmasters hot stamping machines produced by Crocodile Industries. If you have special needs for your application please Let Us Know.

2795 Overrunning Gear Clutch Specifications:

2795 Overrunning Gear Clutch, Ribbonmasters Hot Stamping, Dimensions

Maximum Torque = 50lbs-in | 5.6Nm Dimension D = .27in | 6.8mm Dimension O = .50in | 12.7mm
Maximum Speed = 2,000 RPM Dimension E = .74in | 18.7mm Dimension P = .78in | 19.9mm
Typical Weight = 6.6oz | 186g Dimension F = 1.55in | 39.3mm Bore = .50in | 12.7mm
Dimension A = .81in | 20.6mm Dimension G = .17in | 4.3mm Cross Hole = 1/8in | 3.2mm
Dimension B = .44in | 11.2mm Dimension M = .87in | 22.2mm
Dimension C = 2.22in | 56.5mm Dimension N = 1.12in | 28.6mm

2795 Overrunning Gear Clutch Direction:

Left handed clutches drive counter clockwise and slip clockwise.

2795 Overrunning Gear Clutch Downloads:

2795 Overrunning Gear Clutch .pdf

2795 Overrunning Gear Clutch, Ribbonmasters Hot Stamping

If you have an 2795 Overrunning Gear Clutch that is not working properly, Contact US. If your housing is not damaged, we might be able to rebuild your existing clutch for less than it would cost to replace it.

Contact us during your design phase & we
will build the right clutch for your application!